36% of postpartum women will discover they have separation of stomach muscles

33% of women have bladder leakage

Physical therapy can be very effective in treating many women’s health issues that occur as their bodies change, whether as a result of childbirth, surgery, or simply the effects of time. A physical therapist specializing in women’s health will utilize every facet of their PT training to evaluate and treat female clients, promoting and enhancing their health throughout their life span.

The therapist can perform a detailed musculoskeletal assessment of abdominal muscle separation, pelvic floor muscle function, postural alignment and coordination of deep trunk muscles. Based upon those findings, an individualized plan of care is determined. Each of these functions are important in preventing incontinence, prolapse, and back pain that may be experienced throughout daily tasks and interfering with an individual’s ability to engage in physical activities that they love to do, such as running.

What Can I expect at my first Women’s Health Physical Therapy Appointment?

At Body One Physical Therapy, we see women’s health patients for conditions such as pelvic pain, coccyx pain, incontinence, and prenatal or postpartum concerns.

Your evaluation will take place in a private treatment room so you can more comfortably discuss your reason for seeking physical therapy, your goals, and your individualized treatment plan based on these elements.

After discussing your case, the first appointment will typically consist of a general strength and flexibility assessment, abdominal strength and scar tissue assessment, general pelvic floor education, and development of a treatment plan often including a home exercise program.

Depending on your individual case, future sessions may involve internal (vaginal) assessments or treatment.  These occur in a private environment, and your physical therapist will work with you to determine if and when this treatment will take place depending on your comfort level.

We realize that many of these matters are sensitive. Our top priority is to make sure you feel comfortable throughout your care. If you have additional concerns or questions, a physical therapist would be happy to address these prior to your first appointment.  Please contact Dr. Hannah Enochs at henochs@bodyonept.com.