Spring Cleaning: Toss Out Bad Habits

Spring-cleaning isn’t just about de-cluttering and organizing your home. It’s the perfect time to analyze your life and evaluate your daily habits. Check out these health-stalling habits you should toss out and replace.


Unable to Commit

Jumping from workout to workout means you never have enough time to see results. Before you jump into a new activity do some research. Decide on a class or active hobby and make a commitment to be consistent with it for at least eight weeks to give it time to take effect on your body.


Failing to Plan Out Your Workouts

Spontaneous workouts can be fun and feel less like a chore, but not planning your weekly workout routine could stall your progress. You may plan to work out three times a week but if you don’t schedule what days you’ll complete the exercise it will be easier to put off and skip. Tip: try joining an exercise class. It’ll have consistent times each week that you’ll have to plan into your schedule.


Wrong Footwear

Shopping for the best looking workout shoes may be fun, but did you know that selecting the wrong type of shoe could increase your risk of injury? Before making your purchase do a little research and find out what shoe is best for your active lifestyle. Your orthopedic physical therapist will be able to evaluate your footwear and suggest shoe stores that will work with you to ensure a proper fit.


Limit Distractions

It’s one thing to zone out during a great song, but staying totally distracted during your workout can run the risk of not getting the most out of your exercise. While not focusing you won’t be getting the max benefits of a workout and you could run the risk of an injury.


Not Pushing Hard Enough (Or Pushing too Hard)

Just like in Goldie Locks and the Three Bears, it’s important to find an exercise level that is just right for you. Keeping your intensity too low could mean you’re not seeing any results and too much intensity to lead to overtraining or injury.


Warmup, Cool Down & Stretching

Participating in a warm up prior to working out and a cool down/stretching routine after a workout can lead to improved flexibility, posture and reduce stress levels. If you’re guilty of skipping out on a cool down post-workout you’re missing out.


Stay Hydrated

When you wake up, instead of heading straight for the coffee pot, drink a glass of water first. It helps wake up your body and gets your metabolism jumpstarted. Staying hydrated is key to living a healthy life.


Spending Your Rest Days on the Couch

Taking a day off from exercise is crucial for your body. It’s important to give it time to rest and heal after workouts. But sitting at your desk or in front of the TV all day could do more harm than good. Instead, try light yoga, a walk or bike ride around your neighborhood. It’ll burn a few extra calories and pump your body with fresh oxygen, which will help reduce any normal muscle soreness you developed after your workout.

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