Knee Pain Can Be Frustrating


Knee pain can be frustrating, particularly when you want to be active at home, work, or at play. Here are five Reasons Your Kneecaps Ache:

1. The muscles in the front of your thigh are not strong enough to do their job.

2. Your thigh and calf muscles are too tight, increasing pressure and friction on your kneecaps

3. The alignment of your feet, knees, or hips are slightly off kilter.  Subtle changes in the mechanical alignment of your entire leg can hurt (or help, which is the good news) your kneecap function and pain problem.

4. Increasing activity that includes squatting, kneeling, stair climbing, or lunging will tend to increase pressure through and possibly pain behind the kneecaps.

5. Increased body weight by as little as 5% can have a dramatic effect on kneecap pain, particularly when combined with any of the above causes.


The good news? All of these factors related to kneecap pain are modifiable with some work and expert advice. Come see us and get back to what you love!

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